Air Charter Service

Personalized air travel services provide clients with a safer, convenient and efficient way of travel. Our clients enjoy a good travel experience than those offered in first class commercial planes. We also boast of serving our clients from our home base airport in Toronto as well as any of the four satellite bases in Canada, hence meeting our client’s travel requirements.

Air Charter Service

Why Choose Us

1. Time Efficient-

We leave our clients to determine when they are to fly unlike waiting for unreliable flight schedules that do not guarantee you of time convenience for your business trip. In case your business trip changes, we provide flexibility to you without asking for the last minute expensive costs. We work according to your travel changes especially if you notify us in advance. We get to prioritize our client’s personal requirements before the flight, making us the most preferred air charter service company in Canada.

2. Personalized Comfort-

Driven by professionalism and quality, we struggle to provide our clients with first class services. Our flights have comfortable seats, enough leg space and access to multimedia. You will get to prepare for that business trip and at the same time, relax while on the flight. We work hard to meet our client’s luxury travel expectations in the long run.

3. Easy Monitoring of Our Client’s Travel Schedule-

Since every aspect of your air travel is important to us, we monitor every detail of your travel through our account managers. You also get to enjoy private terminal access, travel with no stress while letting us cater and handle all your travel requirements.

4. Peace of Mind-

Our extensive knowledge in the flight industry enables us to manage private aircrafts owned by various citizens in Canada. We conveniently take care of your jet without the worry of operation and management of your favorite machine.

Honeymoon Vacations In Mysterious Africa

honeymoon destinations 2014

For couples who love nature, wildlife and adventure, honeymoon destinations in Africa can be the ultimate dream.  Sure you may have seen your share of wildlife elsewhere but believe me, Africa is different.  The place is teeming with literally millions of wild animals, most of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth.  To add to the allure of this lovers’ paradise, most countries have hotels and resorts whose luxury rival those of the rest of the world.

Africa has miles of unspoiled beaches, green jungles, islands, and wildlife reserves that newlyweds will never want for adventures and opportunities to explore and bond together.  It is no wonder then that honeymoon destinations 2014. in Africa are very popular.  Here are some great ideas on where to go:

  1. Maasai Mara, Kenya

In the Maasai Mara can be found the densest concentration of wild animals on earth, and those who take their romantic break betweenJuly and November may even see the great migration of millions of animals.  Depending upon the tours you choose, you may be offered guided walks, night or day game drives, or even a hot air balloon safari for a bird’s eye view of the savannah.  There are a few camps and lodges which offer different levels of luxury, and the adventurous can even choose to stay in tents; room/tent prices vary with comfort level.

  1. South Africa

Being one of the most advanced countries in the continent, there are many things to see and do in South Africa.  There are game reserves, fantastic beaches, whale watching, guided nature walks, etc.  Great food is available everywhere, especially in Franschhoek, the gourmet capital of the Cape Winelands.  The more adventurous may even choose self-drive options to add intimacy and adventure to their bonding moments.  An assortment of lodges and world-class hotels await couples on their honeymoon visit; room rates start at less than $50 per night, but can run into the thousands in five-star hotels.

  1. African Rail Tour

There are luxury trains that pass through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.  It passes through beautiful areas in four different African countries, to add variety to your dream honeymoon jaunt.  Hotel rates in these countries usually start at less than $100 a night, but more luxurious accommodations are also available.  Since this involves exploring four countries, I would highly recommend going on tours inclusive of hotel stays and guided tours – leave the details to the professionals!  That way you can get to enjoy the natural beauty of Africa, with ample opportunities for intimate romantic moments.

  1. Pemba Island, Tanzania

Pemba is an island paradise just off the coast of Tanzania.  It features lots of green forested areas, long stretches of beach, great fishing, snorkeling, mangrove forest canoe safaris and sailing.  There are many hotels on the island which will offer rooms starting at just $100 a night, though the really good resort hotels by the beach cost around $300+ per night.  The best resorts will let you spend your romantic vacation in gorgeous beach bungalows.  Restaurants are plentiful and fresh seafood always available.

Africa still offers a lot of adventure for couples looking for a once in a lifetime honeymoon trip.  But since there is so much to see and do the help of professional tour operators is invaluable; the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies is a good place to start.